English In motion is a dynamic four-level E.S.O. course. Following the L.O.E. guidelines, the course thoroughly integrates practice of the four skills with work on vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation.

The English In motion website is divided into four main sections:

  • About English In motion: take a look at all the course components.
  • Student's area: try our online Web Discovery activities and Learning Links.
  • Teacher's area: find a wide range of extra material for your lessons: download the Syllabus and the Tests for each level in editable format, browse our Learning Links, Web Discovery Activities, Competition Games and teaching tips. Use our Game Generator to create your own revision games! All the English In motion web resources include full teacher's notes.
  • My Webpage: students can publish their written work for the teacher and other students to see.
    This forms part of their online dossier.